Personal Injury-Illness-Exposure Reporting System (PIIERS)

Sponsored by the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters for all Fire Fighters.

The PIIERS system allows members to keep an ongoing personal record of injury, illness, and exposure to hazardous chemicals as a result of job related activities. All information is kept confidential and anonymous, and all communication with the system is transmitted via encrypted SSL technology for security.

How to Access PIIERS:

Current WSCFF Members can login with the same information used to access the WSCFF members only areas.

Non-WSCFF Users outside of Washington can register for access to the system. Members of the 7th district can access the system at no charge. Other users outside of the 7th district can access PIIERS at the cost of $5 per year.

For more information about the PIIERS system contact the WSCFF.

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Secure Access

If you are looking up your past entries, be sure to set a date range in the search box, or they may not show up. If you still cannot find your data, please call us as you may have inadvertently established more than one logon. We can assist in fixing it - your data will not be lost.
PIIERS March 20, 2019

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